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End Result of Drug Detox on the Narconon Sauna Program

Monday, January 10th, 2011

End Result of Drug Detox on the Narconon Sauna Program

Narconon Drug Detox Sauna

Does the drug detox procedure on the Narconon sauna program really flush drugs from your body? Here’s what one student says…

"I have reached the end result of the Narconon sauna. Today is my 28th doing the drug detox procedure and I know, without any doubt, that all drugs and toxin residues have been pushed out of my body. 

Early on in my sauna program I felt the effects of the drugs crack and opiates exiting my body. I became sick and tired. It was very rough, but these reactions and re-stimulations were run through and turned off. 

I haven’t had anymore reactions and I know my body is now free of all drugs and toxins. I am now more alert and aware. I have a sense of well being and a positive outlook. My energy has raised 110% since the drug detox and I can’t express the gratitude I have for the Narconon sauna program."



Urine samples can show the progress of drugs escaping the body, but this Narconon graduate shares how he actually felt the effects of drugs exiting his body. This is exactly the result that is being achieved everyday throughout the Narconon drug rehabilitation network. It’s what the Narconon sauna program was designed to do when going through drug detox.

Drug residues and toxins are stored in a person’s body fat when used. These drug toxins and residues accumulate over time and can affect a person years later even after he has stopped using drugs in many ways.

You can flush these drug residues and toxins out on the Narconon sauna program with a complete drug detox procedure. This can help to reduce drug cravings. Get more information about the Narconon sauna program.

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Success Story about the Narconon Program

Monday, September 13th, 2010

CI realized that the Narconon rehabilitation program was there to help him

“When I first came to Narconon I didn’t want to stay. I thought everything they were trying to get me to do didn’t make any sense. Then I got out of sauna and I started to feel really good. By the time I got out of objectives everything started to click in my head and it started to make sense. Now that I’m almost done I feel like a new person. Thanks to Narconon I have a second chance.” CI

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CG is Happy after the Narconon Sauna Program

Monday, September 13th, 2010

After completing the sauna program at the Narconon rehabilitation center, CG shares her success!

“I am very happy with my experience in the sauna. I have accomplished all that I set out for myself and the results are apparent to me and to those around me. My body is clean from drugs and toxins. My mind is clear and my thoughts are responsive in a positive fashion. The greatest accomplishment in my estimation is the happiness I feel on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong it didn’t happen overnight. It took a dedicated effort on my part, along with the tenacious guidance of the staff. I could go on and on about my physical improvements, like how my eyes can see for miles with clarity and pronounced color definition or how my hearing has reached levels I wasn’t aware existed, or I could tell you about my soft skin and improved condition. I could tell you about how my awareness of not only myself has improved, but also how I am aware of everything around me. I could continue, but to me the greatest improvement is my attitude and outlook. The little things that used to bother me seem so petty now. I am happy to wake up in the morning and now I look forward to starting my day. I finally have the energy to survive long tasks with great performance. I, again, look forward to setting meaningful goals and accomplishing them without doubt or distraction. That’s what the sauna program has done for me and I hope those who follow have the same results!” CG

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Narconon graduates share their success story about the Sauna

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The Sauna is an essential part of the Narconon drug treatment program. Two graduates share their experience:

“I have successfully completed the sauna program. During my first couple of weeks in sauna I experienced several reactions and this gave me faith that the technology of the sauna program was effective. Throughout the next weeks I felt healthier and confident about myself. I am eager to move on to the next challenge and I have more confidence knowing my body is free of drugs and toxins!” EM

“From the first day I got here I had severe headaches and could not concentrate nor could I look in the mirror and be able to like myself. After being in sauna I have gained a clear mind and I am able to concentrate better and feel healthier. I feel stronger. I am able to sleep and eat normally. I feel the drug toxins are out of my system and I am ready to repair my mind and gather communication skills the rest of the program offers.” FG

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